German YouTube channels with subtitles

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Here you can find the list of YouTube channels in German with proper subs. Feel free to suggest channels you know.

Language learning. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

KonstanzeK: (superb language learning channel)


Easy German: (German learning channel, only 7 videos with subtitles)

Deutsch lernen mit der DW:

Various Trending topics. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

NDR kulturradar:




Rayk Anders:

manniac: (some with subs)

Bayerischer Rundfunk (some videos with subs, look for CC sign in the video list)

ZDF: (you have to search for "CC")

extra 3:


klagemauerTV: (Political commentaries)

jup! Berlin: (social issues, politics)

Auf Klo: (social issues, yellow)

Documentaries and talks. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Here is a playlist of German TED talks, the majority of which have proper subtitles:

MrWissen2go Geschichte :

Die Frage:

STRG_F: (mostly with subs but not every video)

NDR Documentaries:

NDR Ratgeber: (many videos with CC)

Pop-science. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Dinge Erklärt – Kurzgesagt:

Clixoom Science & Fiction: (many videos have CC)

Terra X Natur & Geschichte:

Pop-psychology&Spirituality. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Das Bibel Projekt:

Logical Lemon: (mostly with subs)

ERF MenschGott: (search for CC)


Hanseatisches Institut - Systeme Empowern: (has 5 self-help videos with CC)

Andreas Mitleider:

Thorsten Wittmann - Finanzielle Freiheit leben: (self-help and wanna-be-rich stuff)

Green Rabbit: (Pseudo-psychology and mysticism, look for CC)

Cameras&Phones --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Jonah Plank: (a few with subs)

TutopolisTV: (lots of phones disassembling videos with subs from 3 years ago, speaks very quickly)


CHIP: (charming lady presenter, search for CC)

Other. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

KUNDENWACHSTUM: (Neukundengewinnung im Onlinemarketing & Offline Marketing)

MarmeladenOma: (very old lady's vlog, some with subs)

Promiflash: (Celebrities&Style)

KingOfDog: (Computers&Coding)

Thytos: (Programming&JavaScript, 5 years no updates)

Tips. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Tip 1: You can search for videos with subs on the channel page by scrolling down to upload previews and then searching for "CC". To scroll down quicker press the End button multiple times. Tested in Chrome.

Tip 2: When LingQ fails to import audio from YouTube video, use or similar service to save and upload audio to the lesson manually.

Tip 3: You can use the Filter/Subtitles option when searching for videos on YouTube. For example here is a request for "Fotografie":

I import some of the videos here:

September 15 at 10:58