French: fun videos with subtitles about Christmas Holidays

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Joyeux Noël à tous!

If you're learning French and you'd like to know what French people do for Christmas and New year's eve, this is the playlist with all my videos about Christmas in France. Learn French in context, discover idioms, slang, customs, cultural references, recipies.

You'll also find my videos and podcasts to help you learn French in the Lingq library checking my profile here :

Merry Christmas to all of you!

December 23 at 12:08
  • KatySLanguages fr France

    I've imported new videos about Christmas holidays in France. I hope you'll enjoy them. You'll find my videos about French culture & language in this course:

    Latest video imported:

    - Faire une couronne de Noël, chants de Noël | Français pratique & traditions françaises

    - Fête du solstice d'hiver, reportage & interview | Découvre la France & ses habitants

    - Les fêtes de fin d'année en France, reportage: culture, argot, expressions idiomatiques, références culturelles, gastronomie | Découvre la France & sa culture

    January 10 at 10:08