10 ЛЕТ ЧЛЕНСТВА В LINGQ.COM ( Ten years as a member of LingQ.com)

evgueny40 ru Russian Federation

Ten years ago, in November 2009, I found myself on the LingQ.com site for the first time.

In my new article I am writing about my experince here. Today you can read and listen to the Russian version of the article, but soon it will be finished also the English version.

So here is the link to my new Russian article "10 лет членства в Lingq.com":


November 06 at 17:52
  • Compote ro Romania

    Congratulations and many happy returns of the day ! Your work here at lingq is invaluable for us all students of Russian language. Thank you !

    November 06 at 19:34
  • gymnasio at Austria

    I would like to add my congratulations and thank you for your excellent work as well!

    November 06 at 19:58
    • evgueny40 ru Russian Federation

      Thanks, my friends, for your good words!

      Good luck with all languages!

      November 07 at 06:53
  • josevicentesoy es Spain

    Congratulations on your articles. Very interesting and useful not only to learn the Russian language but also to learn about history and other subjects.

    November 07 at 09:08
  • gurkenwerfer us United States

    Большое спасибо Вам, Евгений, за Ваш огромный вклад. То есть это в плане материалов для изучения русского, английского, и немецкого. Ваши лекции и приятные, и доступные всем из-за того, что Вы их пишете для разных уровней языка. Danke Ihnen für die Lektionen auf Deutsch und Englisch, die total hilfreich und richtig interessant sind. Ich wünsche Ihnen noch ganz viele schöne Jahre auf LingQ.

    November 08 at 01:33
  • ftornay es Spain

    Wow! What an interesting, thoughtful perspective about the site, its origins and evolution.

    Спасибо огромное за эту статью и за всю вашу работу на зайте, Евгений. Как многим другим мне очень помогала в изучении русского языка.

    Всего хорошего. Надеюсь, что ваше здоровье скоро улучшится

    November 08 at 01:44
  • evgueny40 ru Russian Federation

    I thank all LingQers for their appreciation of my work for this site!

    All my lessons and articles are free, so you can not only use them but also translate the best of them into your native languages and put them into different libraries of lingq.com. Just make a notice like that: “Written in Russian by Evgueny Bokhanovsky, translated into… and recorded by…”

    And here is the link to the English version of my article TEN YEARS AS A MEMBERSHIP OF LINGQ.COM, translated into English and recorded by Richard Coombes from England:

    November 08 at 15:49