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Tagalog on LingQ in 2021

December 11 at 03:22

Hello everyone,

I recently emailed LingQ support about Tagalog, the language of the Philippines. Originally, I was going to work with my mother and add mini-stories since she is from the Philippines but was surprised to hear the news that they were already being work on or finished and Tagalog will be added in the future.

I was never taught as a child. But, after a while of not wanting to learn, I have since changed my mind. I know I am fully capable after having nearly mastered Spanish and have made great progress in other romance languages. I plan to discover the culture of my other side of the family in which communication is not currently possible due to the language barrier.

In conclusion, I was told by a LingQ representative that Tagalog would come at the beginning months of 2021 and I am quite excited. I was curious as to if other people on LingQ were interested and could kind of support this movement and prepare content.


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