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Denkzeichner de Germany

Hello, Steve,

Some time ago I sent you via your website "Thelinguist" some information. Since I do not know if this message has reached you, I would like to repeat it here for security:

I'm the 75-year-old, your "senpai," as you humorously wrote me two years and two months ago. Besides English, I started learning Greek because in my past I had contacts with this country and the language and I love them. And there I discovered a great website. A certain Michalis, a man in Cyprus, started years ago to bring Greeks and Turks closer together through language courses. This has developed into a learning system that is genuinely Greek, I would almost say "Socratic". Through questions from the teacher and answers from the student, as well as through small information units, Mihalis introduces his students very carefully and very helpfully into the language. I have seen that he also has an Arabic course. That's when I thought of you. I think his method could be a good addition to Lingq.

All the best and God's blessing!

Πολύ χαιρετίσματα

Bernd (Denkzeichner)

August 13 at 13:59