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Esperanto convention; me not deciding to go

April 2019

Hi Steve, hi guys,

As you probably know, I'm an autistic, relentless language learner. Linguistic acquision is part of my daily routine. Tomorrow, I would have broken that routine by spending 2 hours in a Esperanto classroom with like-minded peers. I just can't. Something in me, literally, cries 'no' and then the thought of Lingq comes up... I just realized I'll never need to speek Esperanto, Indonesian, Portugese,... to any living being. I have nothing to prove and I learn better on my own, with Lingq and other methods. I just love these lanfuages and I will continue, even if I will never utter 1 Esperanto word to a anothetanother living creature.

Is this weird or is this a 'good' place to be at? What are your experiences? Do you learn languages to communicate or for the language by itself?




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