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Mini-Story Issues for Korean

November 2020

I wasn't quite sure where to put this but I have a started seeing a number of issues from line endings to misspellings in Mini-Stories 40-42, I might make the assumption that more of these exist in stories as I progress. I would like to get them fixed as it is confusing.

Note: I am editing as I find more.

1. Story 40, Question 1, The Question hint references Sharon (샤론은) which is taken directly from the English translation, however the rest of the story is about 지수는.

2. Story 41, Question 2-4, These questions are all jumbled up on a single line which really only breaks consistency but it does make it hard and intimidating when you don't realize it at first. I thought it was one really long question/answer.

3. Story 41, Question 4, 알렌의 is misspelled as 알레의 in the final answer.

4. Story 42, Story B, 가리켰습니다 has been misspelled as 다리켰습니다 as this doesn't show up in the naver dictionary at all when you look it up.

5. Story 42, Question 1, Final answer has 에리카는 mispelled as 에키하는.

6. Story 43, Question 8, 사진을 is in place of 시간을