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(Russian) Known words to be able to read without a dictionary

March 2021

I've been mostly focusing on Russian here with LingQ and even after over 1.2M words read and almost 51k known words, there still seems like there is no end in sight. Biographies and fiction books can still leave me with 5% (100) of yellow words after finishing a 2k word lesson. It would be nice to get this down to 1% eventually.

I'm starting to wonder if 100k known words is necessary to read adult fiction books without the use of a dictionary. Can some of the very advanced Russian learners comment on their experience?

PS, can you also comment on the amount of time it has taken you? I'd estimate my total time learning Russian on LingQ to be around 1200-1500 hours and I'd guess that's roughly 60-65% of the time needed to double my words read and known word counts to 3M read and 90-100k known.