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Is this sentence correct?

January 2022

From the book Работа актёра над собой, часть 1. There are some mistakes in this book, which have been confirmed by the narrator of the audiobook (he doesn't make these mistakes when he reads it) and a native speaker I'm in touch with.

I'm wondering if пространсва here is another mistake:

"Но чем больше я старался не замечать пространства, тем больше думал о нем и тем сильнее становилась тяга туда, в зловещую темноту, за портал."

Is it supposed to be пространство? Or does the genitive sometimes come with замечать? If it's the latter, would that mean that замечать means "to be taking notice OF" and not "to be noticing"?

And if за here means "beyond", then why is портал not in the instrumental case?