What's The Writing Exchange Meant For?

rumike us United States

Lately, I've been using the Writing Exchange feature within here in LingQ as a way to make a short blog about my day in spanish.

I'm sure that there's no stated purpose as to what the Writing Exchange is supposed to be used for, but am I currently using the Writing Exchange feature in the intended way? As it currently stands, I really love the feature but I'm curious as to whether or not there's another way I should be using it?

September 16 at 04:28
  • Diotallevi de Γερμανία


    There have been a few changes to the Exchange system since when this video was uploaded but It's still worth watching to get an idea.

    Changes: What's not possible any more is posting audio in the open exchange and you don't need to invest in points to ask for a correction as pointed out in the video.

    September 19 at 17:14
  • Διαχειριστής
    mark ca Καναδάς

    That's a great way to use it! There are no rules! Enjoy!

    October 31 at 17:07