Copying or Downloading Text

wyattnelson us United States

I tried to copy the text from the Full Text section to no avail and it won't even let me access it from the Print section without upgrading to premium. Is there any work around for this or can this please be fixed? I would love to use Lingq but it's virtually useless without upgrading.

September 16 at 23:37
  • Διαχειριστής
    zoran rs Σερβία

    Strange, I can copy text without any problem from the full text view. Which browser are you using?

    September 17 at 23:43
    • wyattnelson us United States


      September 18 at 00:27
      • wyattnelson us United States

        I tried Chrome and it didn't work either but translations could be copied from Full Text in Firefox... but obviously I want the languages I'm learning

        September 20 at 21:36
  • kevindevos pt Πορτογαλία

    I don't think you can without premium, at least that's what happened to me when i had to take a break.

    I would get premium, it's definetly worth it for me, despite the bugs here and there.

    September 20 at 22:55
    • wyattnelson us United States

      Premium is a bit too expensive for me so I hope you're wrong but I might reluctantly upgrade

      September 20 at 23:09
      • kevindevos pt Πορτογαλία

        Then you may want to look at learning-with-texts (LWT) instead, i think it's free and i heard good things about it

        September 21 at 19:12
        • wyattnelson us United States

          I heard that too but lingq has so much content that is quickly accessible and that is what I need

          September 22 at 00:08