Arabic text-to-speech differs from audio

Safran de Deutschland

I started listening to the beginner 1 material for Arabic. I am still learning the script so when I create a lingq I often listen to text-to-speech. I noticed that the words are pronounced very differently. Why is that? I'm a total beginner and hopelessly

September 19 um 06:17
  • Administrator
    zoran rs Serbien

    Which browser are you using? Unfortunately Arabic TTS isn't yet great on Google, so most probably that's why you have this issue.

    September 19 um 14:34
    • Safran de Deutschland

      I'm using google chrome but also silk browser on my kindle. Would you recommend using a different browser on the computer then?

      September 19 um 19:32
      • Administrator
        zoran rs Serbien

        TTS sounds different on different browsers, so you can try other browser to check if the quality will improve.

        September 19 um 22:24
        • Safran de Deutschland

          Will try, however now there is another issue with Arabic. The app (on android) does neither show the lingqs as yellow nor does it auto-text-to-speech. That's quite a nuisance, because I'm only learning the script now and Arabic is all a big blurr with some sorta familiar words :D

          Btw other languages seem to work fine. I tried with Russian

          September 20 um 05:40
        • Safran de Deutschland

          I tried mozilla, but I will not even be able to open the lesson, there is just a blank page....

          September 20 um 11:43
          • KRBanerjee in Indien

            Hi Safran,

            I'm also learning Arabic and using android and I'm not having any issue. :/ Perhaps you need to update the app or reinstall it?

            September 20 um 11:47
            • Safran de Deutschland

              I just recently installed it (last week) so it should technically be up-to-date. I only seem to have issues with Arabic, everything else displays as usual....

              September 20 um 12:47