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Brand New To Language Learning And LingQ!

January 12 um 19:03

Hey there! I just joined LingQ and am ready to officially learn French! I've tried many times with no success and just learned about learning through storytelling. I'm excited but I don't know where to begin.

I started with a beginner course and a mini-story. Do I listen and read those over and over until I know what they are and then move on?

And when would I be able to read or listen to a big novel like Harry Potter or something in my target language? I really only know about 20 words in French, so I would have no idea what any of it is saying now but would love to start doing that.

I'm also curious when I should be looking at the translations... When I first read a mini-story or after I've listened and followed along for a few times?

Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!