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Book prefaces, intros, essays

March 28 um 17:53

One of my favorite things to read on LingQ (when i can find them) are good essays about books i like, the straightforward writing style tends to make them good for studying even when the content is more advanced, especially because I already know the context. I simply have a hard time finding harry potter/steven king type ish I can stand to read during the interminable intermediate plateau. its also fun to see the usual banter about how impossible it is to translate something in the editor/translator's notes when its your language its being translated out of

it could be interesting to see if other lingq'ers have similar book interests and make a point to try to collect and share these, lately i've been trying to find stuff on nabokov, chesterton, oscar wilde, orwell, etc but plenty of non-anglophone writers too, kafka, ortega y gasset, etc. does anyone know a good online source that collects these puff pieces appended to more scholarly editions?