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What and how much do you ignore?

January 27 um 12:48

Hello LingQ-community!

I have started to use LingQ and learn Italian some months ago and I absolutely love it! Unfortunately, I only discovered how to use the "ignore" button properly some days ago.

I was well over 8000 known words when I started to go over many of the learned lessons again to check/correct my vocabulary. I understand that a few words more or less would not make a difference once you reach 10k or something, but boy... there are a lot of names I want to ignore. So far, I found almost 300 words to ignore, and there are a lot more. Maybe even another 300ish?

I started to ignore:

+ Peoples names (even Italian ones and in street names), but not the ones that have different meanings too (Stella, Ben, Petunia, Giada...)

+ Countries and towns (even Italian ones), but not outside of Italy if there is an Italian word for it (Svizzera, Germania, Gran Bretagna...)

+ Most loanwords and eigennames (Facebook, Amazon, Podcast, shopping, click, follow...)

I know it's a bit obsessive to be so precise, but hey.. as long as it's fun :-)

How do you handle those words? Are you using the ignore-button a lot? How many percent of the vocabulary might be "ignorable"?

Let me know what you think about that!

Saluti! :-)