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I Interviewed a World Leading Linguistics Professor Who Speaks *Phenomenal* Chinese and Has Designed a Technique to Help **Everyone** Acquire a Near Native Accent. What She Told Met Blew My Mind Into a Thousand Pieces!

June 29 um 08:15

Link to podcast: http://imlearningmandarin.com/2022/06/26/how-to-achieve-a-near-native-chinese-accent-with-professor-karen-chung-podcast/

On today’s podcast, I chat with a very distinguished guest. Someone who has designed a technique she believes can help learners of any language achieve near native accents.

Professor Karen Chung from the USA has lived in Taiwan for more than 30 years and for most of that time has worked as a linguistics professor at the National Taiwan University.

We explore how her own language learning journey inspired her 'echo method' for mimicking native speech. We also discuss why she disagrees with conventional language learning opinion which argues accents don’t matter as long as we can more or less make ourselves understood.

She also kindly agreed to give me a brief demonstration of her method to help improve . Check out the podcast here: