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FULL INTERVIEW: This Medical Student Learned To Speak Phenomenal Chinese Within **One Year** in the UK with his Efficiency Focused Methods Have Sending Shockwaves Reverberating Throughout The Language Learning World...

June 12 um 09:26

As promised, here is my full interview with Will Hart, a 20 year old medical student who on the eve ofin 2020 had never been to a Chinese speaking country, had no Chinese family and had never had any meaningful contact with the language in any form.

Fast forward 12 months and he posted a short speaking with the kind of fluency many people fail to reach after more than a decade studying the language immersed in Chinese speaking countries.

How did he do it? That's what I wanted to find out when I invited him on my podcast.

Are you afraid of early output and tempted by input purism? Wondering why you're not fluent yet even though you've read 100 novels? Frustrated that you can never remember corrections?

See how you feel after listening the full podcast on this link: http://imlearningmandarin.com/2022/06/12/how-this-medical-student-became-totally-fluent-in-chinese-within-one-year-while-living-in-the-uk-podcast/

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