Questions about Arabic

Safran de Deutschland

I'm thinking of taking up Arabic, and I would like to learn this one with lingQ. Now I wondered if below the Arabic script you could somehow show the pronunciation in the latin alphabet. Or should I learn the script beforehand, and then just listen?

Also, I noticed that there is a big difference between the different dialects, so I wondered what will the texts on lingQ be? How do I decide, which dialect to learn? Will I be understood by speakers from other regions, if I "just" pick Modern Standard Arabic?

September 18 um 11:23
  • myamzen sa Saudi Arabien

    Halo Safran

    I can only answer some of your questions. I am native Arabic and all literate Arabs learn MSA in school, and it is the language of the news, the newspaper, magazines and almost all articles and books. So if you speak MSA you will be understood anywhere. Once you know MSA then you can pick up the dialects easily from TV shows and songs and with some help because the structure is very similar (grammer, gender, articles, 90% of the words, etc).

    Arabic is an ancient language ( it is thought that it emerged in the way it is around 1900 years ago), so the grammar and the number of vocabulary is large. But it is the latin of the Muslim world. Meaning it influenced many languages like Farsi, Turkish, Urdu, Pashtoni, Hindi, Somali, Swahili, and even Malay.

    wish you all the good luck

    September 18 um 19:57
  • khardy us United States

    As for the script, it would be best just to learn it. It's not hard. I found a book years ago that introduced the script a few letters at a time and used those to build a basic vocabulary and rudimentary sentences. The focus was definitely on the script, though. That seemed to work well for me. I don't remember the title, but if you look up "Arabic script" on Amazon you'll find lots to choose from.

    Adding a Latin transliteration is not something Lingq could implement any time soon, I'm sure, and it would be distracting and of limited use in my opinion.

    Full disclosure: I really don't know Arabic. I worked through the the aforementioned book, and I took once-a-week evening classes in Arabic for two semesters. That gives me some experience to share with learning the script and some knowledge of how it is used, but it's been a while, and I've forgotten most grammar and vocabulary. Still it's nice when I see Arabic or Farsi to be able to see something more than scribbles.

    September 19 um 15:06
  • Jorgis fr Frankreich

    You should definitely learn the script. It's not that hard to learn, though it does look dreadful. Being able to read at a decent pace is another matter entirely.

    Except if you have access to people from a specific region, or are only interested in a particular country, it is wiser to start with MSA.

    September 20 um 07:40
    • lillywillams in Indien

      Yes i think she have to learn the script. She can approach a Arabic translator if she could.

      September 20 um 13:21