Colloquialisms proverbs and "typical expressions"

Safran de Deutschland

I am currently working on my Russian especially, and I was listening to this episode about Helsinki, which has a ton of vocabulary, that seems colloquial and typical for Russian. My question is: How should I tackle such a lesson? How should I learn those expressions? The audio is not too clear, unfortunately, but the text is worthwile. I tried to lingQ some sentences, and expressions. I thought about writing the expressions, but it's a fairly long text. So how do you work on colloquialisms and the like?

September 20 um 13:48
  • ericb100 us United States

    I highlight the phrase and give it the colloquial meaning (if it doesn't mean exactly what it says) and treat it like any word. I keep reading/listening and trying to associate the phrase to the meaning. I don't worry too much if it doesn't click though after a number of readings or listening...I move on, figuring I'll probably see it again and maybe it'll click later.

    September 20 um 14:11