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Where our site visitors come from

Oooh! Ahhhh! Pretty pictures! Colorful graphs!
It’s always interesting to see where people are coming from when they are visiting The Linguist Community Blog. I checked the stats this evening and this is the summary:

What that beautiful pie chart translates into is the following …

  1. Sweden – 23.91
  2. Canada – 21.74
  3. Korea (South) – 10.87
  4. Mexico – 10.87
  5. Slovak Republic – 8.70
  6. United States – 6.52
  7. Hong Kong – 4.35
  8. Taiwan – 4.35
  9. Bulgaria – 2.17
  10. Great Britain (UK) – 2.17
  11. Italy – 2.17
  12. Russian Federation – 2.17

It’s nice to see South Korea – there are a ton of English learners there. Same with Taiwan. Mexico is a bit of a surprise, given that we haven’t targeted Mexico at all in any of our The Linguist campaigns.
It’s great to see some diversity, although there’s a lot more countries I’d like to see there, like Japan, Switzerland, and other countries that we know we have a lot of Linguist members from.
Anyways, this blog is still young. Lots of room to grow!

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