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Week 6: Are You Noticing Significant Progress?

As we head in to Week 6 you should definitely be noticing significant progress! We’re well over a month in and if you have been meeting your targets, you have already done a lot. The number of Challenge participants continues to grow so you latecomers have some work to do to catch up but you can do it! As of today, there are 2194 of us from all over the world doing the Challenge (see the Top 5 Countries below).
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“Make your learning activity as meaningful as possible. Once you are past the beginning stages, look for lesson content that interests you. When you speak to tutors make the subject meaningful. When you have a real and meaningful opportunity to use the language, do so”.

Get more tips from LingQ co-founder Steve Kaufmann as he vlogs about his 90-Day Korean Challenge on YouTube.


Top 5 Countries represented in the Challenge

United States – 406 participants

United Kingdom – 163 participants

Canada – 131 participants

Brazil – 130 participants

Russia – 113 participants


Check back each week as we profile different Challenge participants. Tell us your story on the 90-Day Challenge page!

Syneryder noted that he is finding the 90-Day Challenge… well… challenging! However, he says it has helped him a lot in staying focused and motivated while learning German. Achieving the Known Words target is the most challenging part, he says. “That’s something I probably wouldn’t do without the challenge, I usually wouldn’t care so much about meeting the targets.” No matter how many targets are hit, he is sure that the Challenge will result in a significant bump in his German ability. Just don’t stop, Syneryder! Viel Glück!

Brian (CannIK84) is currently learning Russian for the Challenge. His personal goal is to bring himself up to at least an intermediate level, and we wish him good luck in achieving this goal! This year he is planning to travel to St. Petersburg, and he says he is looking forward to practicing his Russian in real conversations. We’re sure he’ll impress at least a few Russians during his trip. Удачи!

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