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The Linguist Learner of the Month

We at The Linguist have, for the first time, chosen our Linguist Learner of the Month—a Linguist Student who has demonstrated an exceptional work ethic while using The Linguist system to greatly improve his or her English language fluency. A Linguist Learner of the Month will not necessarily be the most advanced Linguist Student, but rather an outstanding Linguist Student who has shown remarkable progress using our system over the past four weeks. This month, that outstanding student is Nang-pan Wong.
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Nang-pan became a member of The Linguist just over 3 months ago after reading Steve Kaufmann’s inspiring book on language learning.
Nang-pan is 21 years old and is currently attending Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, China. Though he claims to have been a student of English for nearly 18 years, it was not until he began his intense studies with The Linguist that Nang-pan feels he made a genuine breakthrough towards English fluency.
Of all the functions The Linguist offers, Nang-pan says, “The READ section helps me the most. My favourite topics in The Linguist Library are Business and Economics because I study financial management.”
Even though Nang-pan’s major at university is based on numbers and mathematical formulae, he is aware that English fluency is essential for every university discipline and will help him in whatever field of work he chooses.
Nang-pan Wong, you are a great Linguist Student, a joy to work with here at The Linguist and an inspiration to all who truly wish to achieve English language fluency.
Here is Nang-pan’s most recent Writing Submission:

I had my university English test a few days ago. After the test, I felt I had substantially progressed in English. The test contained four sections: listening, reading comprehension, vocabulary and grammar, and multiple choice cloze.
To prepare for the test, the most common strategy of my classmates was reciting vocabulary lists, but I resisted doing so. I felt the test was quite easy while I was doing it. I never had this feeling before.
I could follow the recorded content in the listening section. Many words and phrases I have been learning at appeared in the reading comprehension section. Thus, I could understand the meaning of those articles.
Apart from the two comprehension sections, there were vocabulary and grammar, and multiple choice cloze sections. Their requirements were simple: a wide vocabulary and phrases. I did not know half of the meanings of those choices, but I found those sections were easier to handle than ever.
I strongly believe that The Linguist’s methods help me learn English more easily. Also, I can learn other languages well too, using the same methods.
Nang-pan Wong, May 2005

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