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Speaking on LingQ

The LingQ system isn’t just about reading and listening, the input activities, you can also practice your output, and in particular the output activity most of us language learners want to do well: speaking.
I’ve been using the Reader and growing my vocabulary. Now I’m ready for a conversation, so I head to the Exchange and select “Speak”. Here I see a list of all available tutors and when I can chat with them from now until the end of the month.
To get an idea of what the tutors are like, I can click on their usernames and check their LingQ profiles. I can also select “Find a Tutor” from the Exchange dropdown to see a list of all tutors in my target language. Once I’ve made up my mind, I click “view schedule” and select the best time.
I can use filters here to narrow down my search.
Once I’ve had my conversation with a tutor via Skype, I’ll receive a conversation report. This contains the tutor’s notes on what I struggled with and need to work on. This report can then be imported as a lesson on LingQ for me to study in the reader.
On LingQ, conversations are paid for with points. I can buy points at any time by going to Settings and then Points where I can buy 2000, 5000 or 10,000 points at a time. Each 15 minute conversation on LingQ costs 500 points, and there’s a 50% discount for Premium members.
Challenge yourself to a conversation with a native speaker tutor in your target language with LingQ!

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