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Saving Phrases for Accelerated Language Learning

As I read, I sometimes see groups of words that I want to learn. Either common phrases or a way of expressing things in my new language that I want to learn.
It is very important to also LingQ and learn phrases like these to help you improve fluency.
Phrases incorporate correct grammar and word order and allow you to learn chunks of the language, which will help me put sentences together more easily and sound more natural when I speak.
To LingQ a phrase I click and drag. If it’s in a tricky location, I can click the first word and shift-click the last word. These phrase LingQs then function like any blue word. I can pick a popular translation or search one of the integrated dictionaries to make my own.
Sometimes, as I click on words, grey highlighting appears around adjoining words. This tells me there are related phrases for this word that other learners have saved. Click the word again to see these phrases. Then click to see their meanings. Many common phrases show up in these related phrases.
I can review my phrases the same way as words, and when moving to the next page, phrases appear in the integrated review.
Try LingQing some phrases in your next lesson and see how it speeds up your learning.
Happy LingQing!

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