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Quotable quote

Steve Kaufmann, one of the founders of The Linguist, writes a linguistics and language-learning blog.

I keep in touch with it, of course, and check his posts frequently. But there was a post half a month ago that I missed a critical piece of. It’s in response to a question from a reader: how did you learn Japanese?

Steve answers the question, then has this quote:

If language learning is a journey, and it is, there is no destination. You will not achieve perfection. However, you can constantly improve. It is most important that you enjoy the journey.

I love that quote. It sums up the process very nicely. And, it stimulated another thought: What do you usually take on a long and sometimes difficult journey?

A friend!

A travelling companion helps when the journey is difficult. Supports you when you need it. Encourages you when you’re down.

If you’re interested in how to learn English on your own, consider The Linguist. We are support, help, and encouragement … we help you set goals, and then achieve them.

And with your personal tutor from The Linguist, you’re never on a difficult journey all by yourself!

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