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LingQ Reviews #9

This week we have some great testimonials to share from Sallen and Daniel. Take a look at what they have to say!
You are the one that deserve the thanks! I found your YouTube videos on language learning inspiring and they ultimately led to my subscription to LingQ. To my surprise, I’ve found it a MUCH more enjoyable approach to learning a language than all previous approaches I’ve tried. There is so much quality content to choose from! I’m working through the lessons from your book at the moment as I seem to have an infinite capacity to learn about second language acquisition. I’ve even watched some of your videos in Chinese. Admittedly, at my best, I only ever knew how to count to 10 in Mandarin; I just find it fascinating to watch polyglots in action. So, thank YOU for investing so much time in LingQ and your blogs/videos that have captivated and informed so many of us. I chose to follow you because of a post?/video? where you were surprised to find that you are one of the top LingQ’ers. So my personal challenge was to keep up with you. I’m quite competitive, and you are obviously a dedicated LingQ’er, so I know my plan will succeed. I am also aiming to achieve and maintain the golden apple until my trip to visit my in-laws in Colombia this December.

– Sallen

Actually, I am a junior in high school here in America (in my third year of Spanish) and had not been able to speak Spanish what-so-ever. I began to start seriously using LingQ about 4 months ago. Now I am able to converse (not entirely fluent, but very proficiently) with my friends (I live in south Texas so there are many Spanish speakers to talk and listen to).
I find it amusing how I have been in Spanish at school for two and a half years and never progressed (I have a 97 semester average in it) and yet from just 4 months of LingQ I have progressed enormously!!!
Therefore, I do believe that the homeschooling method does work MUCH better, for me at least (too bad they don’t have a LingQ class at school). LingQ has made me enjoy language learning, as opposed to at school where I couldn’t stand it. I plan on learning more languages with LingQ in the future. I can’t praise your system enough!!!!
P.S. Thank you for making LingQ!

– Daniel

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