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LingQ Reviews #5

It’s always a pleasure to hear that LingQ is helping language learners remain passionate about their languages and continue to improve. Take a look at the great reviews below!
I just want to tell you I love your program!! I always had trouble learning a new language and would soon lose interest or patience. Within 1 day of using the program I was hooked! It was enjoyable and I kept coming back. I love the multiple study tools and the app for my Android so I can practice on the go! I am currently learning Spanish, but I can’t wait to learn many more! Keep of the great work, I look forward to the great quality and future improvements! Thank you!

– Jayme Becerra

I just want to let you know how much I appreciate the wonderful tool that you and your team have built. I wasn’t sure at first if LingQ was a good fit for me but as I have become more accustomed to how LingQ works I have fallen in love with it. I’ve tried very hard to apply the advice that you so freely share and I am very pleased with the results. On a personal level I very much appreciate the clarity, directness and humour with which you present yourself and your ideas. I had looked at LingQ slightly more than a year ago but unfortunately was too unwell at the time to really get into studying. Funnily enough it was coming across an exchange between you and Benny that drew me back to LingQ. I thought that your position was so clear and firm in the face of his behaviour that it inspired me to give LingQ a serious look. Anyway I know you’re a busy man so I’ll keep it short. Thank you again for being so creative and for having built something so enabling for the independent learner.

– Aalia

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