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Learn a Language On the Go With the LingQ App & Playlist

It can be tough to find the time to learn a new language, but having LingQ available on the web, iOS and Android makes it that much easier to fit learning in when I do have time.
The easiest way to find extra time for learning is to listen during dead time, like while commuting or walking the dog. Using the mobile apps and the playlist feature allows me to quickly pick up where I left off and always be listening to my most recent lessons.
I can add lessons to my Playlist either from the Reader or Lessons page. On the Lessons page I just click the “Add to Playlist” button when viewing my lessons and click again to remove them. Here I can also manage my Playlist and re-order or remove lessons as required.
Lessons added to my Playlist are automatically downloaded to the mobile app when I open the app next. I do have to have an internet connection of course but, once downloaded, these lessons are also available to listen to offline. My listening time is tracked automatically and I never have to worry about downloading and managing audio files on my phone.
I regularly add and remove lessons from my playlist as I move on to newer lessons and complete others. I can even read my lessons, create LingQs and review while offline as long as I first open the lesson while online. Any progress I make is tracked and added to my statistics next time I’m online.
With this ability to have your new language with you all the time, there are no more excuses!
Happy LingQing!

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