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I Know 10000 Italian Words!

Still Keeping Pace
I’m heading into month 3 of my Italian 90-day challenge and I’m feeling pretty good! I’ve managed to ramp up my learning activities so the challenge targets are well within my reach. In fact, there are only two activities that I still need to complete. As you can see, my listening time and known words should be achievable as long as I maintain my pace from the previous few months.

My 90-day challenge stats
My 90-day challenge stats

As I mentioned last month, the listening and known words are the biggest challenges for me. As for the listening, I have made an effort to find more dead time in my day to listen and that has been paying dividends. Looking at my statistics for the last month I have listened for 31.9 hours which is quite a bit more than the 23 hours I listened the prior month.
I Know 10,000 Italian Words
Woohoo! It feels great to have surpassed the 10,000 Italian word milestone this past month. It’s very nice to see that milestone marker in my activity feed on my profile and be well on my way towards 11,000 known Italian words.

10000 Italian words known
10000 Italian words known

With my new vocabulary level I feel I’m finally ready to get back to Il Gattopardo. I started the challenge wanting to read it but, in the first few weeks of the challenge, I decided it was too tough for me and went back to content with fewer new words in it. But now, I am finding fewer new words in my lessons and I need to start reading texts with more New Words. So far, I have made my way through the first part of Il Gattopardo and found it much more manageable. There are still a lot of new  Italian words for me but I can make my way through it now.

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Writing and Speaking
Even though writing and speaking are not part of the 90-day challenge, I do still have targets for these in my Progress Snapshot. I have decided that I am ready to start practicing using my Italian. I have to start writing and speaking since my goal is not just to understand Italian but, more importantly, to be able to speak it.
I am going to start writing this week and hope to have some conversations in the second half of the month. I have decided to post my first writing submission here with a link to the Exchange Request on the site. With any luck, by the time you click through from this article it will have been corrected.
I click Post Request from the Tasks dropdown to get started. I select Writing Correction and Audio Recording as options and then choose a topic. I want an audio recording as well so I will be able to listen to the corrected version of my thoughts expressed in proper Italian. I write my post trying to use some of the 25 most frequently used words in my review list that appear on the exchange post page.

Italian exchange request for writing correction
My Italian exchange request for writing correction

Once I have finished my post I submit it and make it open to all tutors. This means I should hopefully get feedback from multiple of our great Italian tutors and members.
You can find my post here.

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Feel free to leave me a comment either here or on my submission if you have any questions about anything or have any suggestions for me. Ciao! Looking forward to the final leg of the challenge!

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