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Thanks for the nice LingQ reviews!

Members often tell us how much LingQ is helping them learn a language and achieve their goals. As we continue developing and improving LingQ, it is these positive LingQ reviews that inspire us to make LingQ the best place on the internet to learn languages!
Here are a few recent testimonials we thought we would share:

Steve, I want you to know that I was floundering in my self-directed German studies but since I’ve started working more with LingQ my comprehension has skyrocketed. Thank you so much for this system. Someday I long to find the time to learn Russian. Viel Spaß!


Steve: I am very grateful to you for creating LingQ (and glad I discovered it thanks to my amigo Dylan). I used to think I was crap at languages. I took Spanish in first year at uni in 2006 and I didn’t learn much,I felt extremely bored, I didn’t enjoy it and when I got bad grades I just felt discouraged. Subsequent full immersion in a spanish speaking environment in Ecuadorian Amazonia at the end of that year had me learning very fast – that sort of hinted that maybe it was the teaching methods that were the problem not me – I think traditional language learning techniques “fail most people” as Dylan talked about when he told me about Lingq. It’s so refreshing to find a language learning system that actually works and that is genuinely enjoyable to use – so, thanks again!


Thanks to Lilac and Nick for sharing their stories! If you have a story to tell about your experience with LingQ be sure to let us know by sending us an email or posting on the LingQ forum. We look forward to hearing from you too and happy LingQing!

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