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5 French Chefs Who Can Teach You the Language

According to language guru, Steve Kaufmann, one of the most effective ways to learn a new language is to spend a lot of time listening to it. When it comes to French, you could immerse yourself into the streets of Paris and spend your time in restaurants and cafes listening to the people around you.

But unfortunately, most of us don’t have the luxury of visiting France simply to help us learn the language.

Good news is that there’s another way you can learn French without going abroad. Thanks to the Internet, you can spend your time listening to French podcasts, watching French movies or TV shows, or even listening to French music.

However, we’ve figured out one more method to help you learn French that will satisfy your linguistic needs, as well as your taste buds at the same time.

YouTube is another excellent source where you can find plenty of French content to help you with your study of the language. But what tastier way is there to learn French than by watching French cooking channels on YouTube?

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Below, we’ve come up with a list of a few popular French cooking channels, which are great for studying the language and learning a few new recipes simultaneously. So, whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced French student, you’ll love watching the following French cooking channels on YouTube.

5 YouTube Cooking Channels

Pratiks’ Cuisine et Recettes
As the name suggests, Pratik’s Cuisine et Recettes’ cooking channel is perfect if you’re looking for practice.

The channel boasts more than 280 cooking videos, which will keep your hands busy in the kitchen, as well as getting your French skills into tip-top shape.

Some of the shorter videos that use a voiceover might be better for more advanced speakers since they tend to be a bit fast paced. However, the longer videos, which are hosted by an actual person are ideal for beginner to intermediate students since the host speaks at a slower, more conversational pace.

Also, most of Pratik’s cooking videos include a list of ingredients and the cooking instruction in written in French.


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Secret tip: How to learn French faster using YouTube content
Just before I carry on with the rest of the channels, I just want to say that there’s an easier way to learn French using YouTube content. Since you can’t look up words in YouTube and it’s sometimes hard to read the text, use LingQ to get over these hurdles. Check out the image below, that’s a lesson in LingQ after I imported one of Patrik’s videos (which only took seconds by the way).
Learn French on the LingQ mobile app
As you can see, I have the audio, the transcript, and the ability to look up words with a single tap. I can take my lesson on the go thanks to LingQ’s mobile app too (Android or iOS). Pretty sweet, right? I can do this with a variety of French content from blogs, to music, and much more. If you want to learn from content you enjoy, check out LingQ and discover a faster way to learn French online.

Alright, now let’s move on to the other French cooking channels.
Cartoon woman chef
Learn French with Nina!
Learn French with Nina! Is another French learning channel that puts on emphasis on cooking.

The videos are hosted by Nina, who speaks slowly and is easy to understand. This allows you to practice your listening skills, while also building your vocabulary, making the series excellent for beginner French students.

One of the best features of Nina’s videos are that they include subtitles written by her, as opposed to the auto-generated translations provided by YouTube.

Nina also goes one step further and instead of only talking about cooking, she also spends a lot of time talking about the utensils and tools that she uses, as well as the regions associated with the foods that she’s preparing.
La Petite Bette
La Petite Bette
Another excellent cooking channel to help you learn French is La Petite Bette, which can be translated to, “The Little Chard”.

What makes these videos different is that instead of simply instructing the viewer on how to make certain foods, the host speaks in a way similar to how she would speak to one of her friends. This makes her speech conversational and helps it flow naturally.

And, since the host speaks in a conversational tone, her videos are excellent for learning expressions that are only used in French.
French Avec Nous
French Avec Nous
This popular YouTube cooking channel, French Avec Nous, makes sure to take all skill levels into account. 

This series is excellent for beginners since the host uses a good mix of both common and uncommon verbs, nouns, and adjectives. Furthermore, the chef and host uses a variety of expressions that can be used inside and outside of the kitchen.

Finally, all videos end with a list of the ingredients that were used, as well as sometimes being paired with the English translations.
Cuisine Rapide
Cuisine Rapide
Just as the name suggests, the host of Cuisine Rapide usually speaks very fast during the videos. Because of this, I recommend this cooking channel for more advanced French learners who are already comfortable with the language.

The host uses a wide range of words which allows viewers to develop a large and precise French vocabulary.

Well, that’s it for this list. You can also browse around YouTube and see if there are other cooking channels that can help you learn French. Don’t forget to check out LingQ too. It will make studying a lot easier, guaranteed. Good luck.

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