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ESL/EFL Podcasting

OK, it’s officially a good idea.

It’s one we’ve had before at The Linguist, and it’s one that I’ve sort of mentioned on this blog before: ESL podcasting.

Now I see this article, which is talking about exactly the same thing.

An excerpt:

Thinking bigger, wouldn’t it be great to have an EFL/ESL podcasting project website? A bit like the ipodder site? A place where teachers can upload / download ‘programmes’ produced by classes of students around the world? Would this work?

Yes. Absolutely. No doubt about it … but there’s one caveat in my mind right now: transcripts.

At The Linguist, we ensure that for each piece of audio that we make available to our clients, there’s a transcript that they can read simultaneously. This is very helpful for learning what words are, how they’re spelled, and reading and writing.

So there’s kind of one hole to fill. More thoughts soon …

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