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Calling all Vancouver businesses

At The Linguist, we’re now starting to attack the local market here in Vancouver … and in fact in any North American city with a sizable immigrant population.
Our system can really help businesses that would like their employees to speak not just barely passable English (if that) but excellent, even if slightly accented, English.
So here’s the kind of approach we’re thinking of …. let us know what you think:

The Power of Communication
June 11, 2005
Joe Client
1234 Client Address
Vancouver, British Columbia
Dear Joe,
Communication is critical to business success. Your employee’s ability to speak and write English to clients and each other is a core competency that goes straight to your bottom line.
Steve Kaufmann, former Canadian diplomat, understands this. When in Japan promoting Canadian business interests, Kaufmann had to learn the language quickly to have any hope of success. To meet this need, he created the Linguist Language Learning System, and mastered Japanese in six months.
The System focuses on flooding learners with multimedia exposure to the target language. Learners indicate their unique interests, listen to authentic audio content, and simultaneously review written transcripts. The authenticity of the content, coupled with the fact that the topics are self-selected – and therefore inherently interesting – makes the System work, and work fast.
Over the past few years we’ve taken the key concepts of the System and built simple but powerful software to automate the process. That software is available online, coupled with live tutoring that includes both conversation and writing correction. Plus, we can create custom content tailored to your industry or company.
The Linguist System is proven. So far, Kaufman has learned 9 languages. And 100% of our members rate The Linguist more effective than all the other methods they tried. Do you have staff who are held back from reaching their full potential by their lack of English fluency? Do you have staff who could greatly improve their effectiveness by learning English?
We can help!
Mark Kaufmann
The Linguist

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