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Business English Blogs

There are three very common reasons to learn English that I’m running into over and over.

  1. for business
  2. for school (college, etc.)
  3. sheer pleasure

I’m starting to think about the first more and more, as many people learn English in order to do business with North American or Anglo-Saxon companies. Plus, English is sort of the lingua franca of internation business right now, much as Latin was in the middle ages, and French was (for large sections of the world) many years ago.
I’m drawing a bit of a blank searching for resources online, however.
This blog is not written from the perspective of ESL/EFL learners, but it certainly is a business English blog.
More when I find them.
In the meantime, The Linguist is a great place to learn business English, as we have hours and hours and hours of business English audio content that can help those who need to learn English for business contexts.

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