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Apple An Unforgettable Experience Allison only


Apple_An Unforgettable Experience_Allison only
Good morning, everyone. I’m number 17. My topic today is called, ”An Unforgettable Experience ”. Before the semester began, my hair was longer than 35 centimeters. Looking at me now, I’m sure you’re wondering why my hair is so short. Perhaps, you’re thinking that I just wanted a new haircut or maybe there was some problem going on in my life. Actually, it was neither. At the end of this past summer, my mom saw an ad in the paper. Everyone knows people that get cancer will need to do some chemotherapy, and they’ll lose their hair. So, the ad was asking people to donate their hair to make a wig for kids with cancer to wear. My mom wanted me to do that. ”My hair is everything to me, ” is what I would always say. I could never give it up. Then, I thought it over that night. I absolutely love my hair, but it’ll grow back again if I cut it. To make just one child happy, all I need to do is cut my hair, and wait for it to grow back. Everyone will be so proud of
on! I can do this! The next day, I told my mom what I had decided. She said she was glad that I changed my mind. So, we went to the salon. I got my hair cut and sent it off to the place that had advertised the need for hair. After a few weeks, they sent me a book and a letter. They thanked me for donating my hair to them and for my kindness. There was also a thank you card from the little girl who got my hair. It’s a really great feeling to know that somebody is grateful because of you. This is not only my most unforgettable experience, but it is also a memory I will cherish for the rest of my life. Thank you.

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