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#288 Steve and Alex – Steve's Trip to Russia (Part 1)

Steve talks about his recent trip to Russia, including the places he went, the people he met and the experience of traveling to Russia after learning Russian for four years.
Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Travel
Duration:  9:21
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Steve: Initially, I was in Berlin for a day because we have some business dealings there and then I was in Latvia for a day and a half. I’ve been to both places before.
Alex: Okay.
Steve: And then, finally, having spent the last four years, you know, an hour a day most days learning Russian, I finally got a chance to travel to Russia. For me it was really exciting.
So I arrived in St. Petersburg Airport, walked through the airport smooth as can be. I had images of all kinds of bureaucratic whatever, long delays and stuff. It was no big deal at all. Walked right through, got my bag very quickly and was met by Eugene (Evgueny), who is our programmer, who lives in St. Petersburg, just an awfully nice guy. We took a cab in. It was seven or eight hundred rubles.

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