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100 Useful Russian Phrases

A profound learning of Russian begins with covering the basics. Just like with any other language,  no giant leaps will lead you to in-depth knowledge. On the contrary, small but steady steps are the key to success. Today we will concentrate on the most common Russian phrases that will help you get by in everyday situations.


Meeting and greeting

The phrases below will help you to greet people, introduce yourself and keep a conversation when you meet someone.

100 Useful Russian Phrases


Basic Russian phrases and useful expressions for travelers

100 Useful Russian Phrases

Russian Phrases for Shopping

100 Useful Russian Phrases

At a restaurant 

100 Useful Russian Phrases

The best way to learn Russian is to use content you love and that’s where LingQ shines. Import your favorite Russian content from YouTube, blogs, and much more and create interactive lessons. You can also learn with the vocabulary activities including flashcard, reverse flashcards, dictation cloze tests and multiple choice.

LingQ is available for Android and iOS too.


Once your Russian gets a little more advanced, you can dive into the world of Russian slang vocabulary.




Ievgeniia Logvinenko is passionate about languages and holds a Master’s degree in English philology. In addition to English, she speaks Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, German and basic French.

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