where do you lingq?

The weekend is finally here! What are your Challenge plans for the next couple of days? Are you planning to stay at home and LingQ ’til the early hours of the morning, or will you take your lessons with you as you walk, hike, run or shop?

Take a picture where you LingQ and post it on the 90-Day Challenge page. Are you listening to lessons at the top of the Eiffel Tower, or reading lessons on the subway on the app? Do you do flashcards on your iPad in bed or are you LingQing at a slick workstation in your basement? Share your pictures on the Challenge page and then share your post on Twitter using the hashtags #LingQ #90daychallenge

To get the ball rolling, LingQ’s very own Mark and Alex have posted photos of where they LingQ. We look forward to seeing where you LingQ!

where do you LingQ Alex

A nice device + a beautiful day = more LingQs!

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