steve’s corner – july 24, 2013

Steve, co-founder of LingQ, operates a blog and YouTube channel where he shares useful language learning tips for free. Take a look below at his recent posts and videos over the past week.


The Linguist on Language Blog

The Internet is a treasure trove of interesting articles and sources of information. Here is a wonderful article on the rational learning of foreign languages. It is written by Amorey Geithin, someone who has taught English as a foreign language for more than 35 years…

Two evenings ago I had dinner with a Brazilian couple and we spoke Portuguese. Last night I had dinner with a Chinese person and we spoke Mandarin. I just finished a Skype conversation in Czech with a person in Prague, who is a member of a political party there…


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Dificuldades na aprendizagem de línguas

Linguistics and language learning

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