steve’s corner – july 17, 2013

Steve, co-founder of LingQ, operates a blog and YouTube channel where he shares useful language learning tips for free. Take a look below at his recent posts and videos over the past week.


The Linguist on Language Blog

“To me a word is like a person you get to know and who is going to help you learn the language. You know lots of people without knowing them in detail. The more often you meet them in different situations, the better you get to know them. It is the same with words…

To me literacy means the ability to read. The invention of writing is one of mankind’s most useful creations. With writing, we can record things. Writing is at the heart of the development of civilization and science. What is more, reading is an essential skill in today’s society…


LingoSteve’s Language Corner

Learning vocabulary

How to maintain our languages?

Noticing in language learning

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