lingq tips and tricks: tab for text-to-speech on flashcards

Do you study flashcards through the site? Studying flashcards is easy when using the keyboard to move between cards, flip them over and change the status, but what about when you want to play the text-to-speech audio?

Instead of reaching for the mouse and clicking on the icon, just use the “Tab” key and the text-to-speech will play. You can even play the text-to-speech when the card is flipped over, making it quick and easy to remind yourself of the pronunciation of the word or phrase you are studying.

Be sure to hover over “View keyboard shortcuts” in the flashcards to see a full list of keyboard shortcuts!

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One thought on “LingQ Tips and Tricks: Tab for Text-to-Speech on Flashcards

  1. Zdenek

    Would it be possible to use this shortcut on the regular text not just flashcards? I think it migh be very useful for those who read out loud and don’t know the exact pronunciation of single words.
    Thank you


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