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#304 – Steve and Alex – Confidence (Part 2)

Confidence comes when you are proficient at something. Confidence is also very important in the learning process. How does confidence improve your ability to learn language?

Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Language
Duration: 09:47

Click here to listen to Confidence (Part 2).

Click here to see the full transcript of this podcast.

Here’s an excerpt from the podcast:

Alex: It’s the same where I went to school in California. There is probably about half and half who study French and Spanish, but it’s the same for Spanish and French; both ways, yeah.

Steve: I know in my own experience in high school we had French and I got good marks, but wasn’t at all interested. Then I had a professor at university who just turned me on, subsequently, to learning other languages. There it was because the content of the course was just so interesting and the way he presented it. Here, again, it’s connecting with content that matters so you can understand stuff. I remember like at school you’ll always find the guy, say in French, whose mother is a Francophone and therefore who speaks French, but he gets poor marks.

Alex: Yeah.

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