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In one of our previous posts, we discussed language immersion. What if you do not have the opportunity to go abroad to immerse yourself in a language? How can you create that same environment of immersion in the comfort of your own home?

It is important to take every opportunity to expose yourself to the language. Take advantage of otherwise wasted time such as when you are commuting to school or work by listening to audio books, podcasts, or whatever interests you.  There are many audio files you can download on LingQ and listen to on your mp3 player.

Step outside of your comfort zone and watch foreign movies in the language you are learning. You can even turn on the subtitles in that language so that you can listen and read!

Finally, reach out to native speakers. There are lots of platforms and avenues that exist online. LingQ offers the opportunity to communicate with tutors from around the world. You can also look to join or setup a local language group where you can meet and practice your conversational language skills.

There are lots of ways you can achieve immersion in the comfort of your own home. It just takes some determination and a little creativity.

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