#303 – steve and alex – confidence (part 1)

Confidence comes when you are proficient at something. Confidence is also very important in the learning process. How does confidence improve your ability to learn language?

Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Language
Duration: 13:12

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Here’s an excerpt from the podcast:

Alex:   We had some requests on the forum and some people contact us personally and say hey, we’d love to hear another podcast.

Steve: Right.

Alex:   So, here we are.

Steve: I never know what we should talk about, whether we should talk about the weather or politics, the economic situation, but one thing that struck me today that I wanted to talk about and get your opinions on is the issue of confidence in language learning. I’m even going to do a YouTube video on it. It is certainly true that if something good happens to you, say your favorite team wins a game or you get complimented on something or I score a goal in my Old Timer’s hockey, whatever, anything good happens you feel good.

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