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Biographie of my brother

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Biography of my brother


Welcome to “VOY” voice of Yeray! Today, I will speak about the life of Xabier Eskolastiko, one of the greatest brothers in the world.
Xabier, more commonly known as “Esko” was born in “Barakaldo”, Basque country, on the 26th of February of 1986. He spent his childhood playing Nintendo and developing his skills at videogames, which would eventually lead to his sucess at “Super Mario Brothers 3”.


His ability with a joy stick was extraordinary. He discovered all the secret worlds and finished videogames thousands of times.
As soon as the videogame “AOE” was launched into the market, Esko spent day and night mastering it, becoming that unbeatable player during the first decade of 2000. It was just a few years later when his only brother, Yeray, beat him in the international AOE competition of 2011, celebrated in Basauri. It was an epic match.


Afther this defeat, Esko abandoned “AOE” and started playing other games, like “Baldurs Gate” and “Heroes III”. These would become his new favorite games.


Later on, he would injure his neck while playing “Mario Bros”, and that would determined the end of his career as a profesional videogame player.


That all for today. Join us next week, and discover more interesting things about the life of Xabier in “VOY”.

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    April 14, 2013 at 9:54 pm

    i want to learned to english to continuosly studyind learc tom noaiiiiin

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