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Why most New Year’s resolutions are not met?


Why most New Year’s resolutions are not met?
In most cases New Year’s resolutions are designed to fail. Do you know that only 12% of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions? This is because many people don’t set achievable goals, and their goals are not sustainable in the medium and long term. We must not confuse the New Year’s resolutions with the New Year’s wishes. A resolution is a firm decision.
I bet in your list of New Year’s resolutions there is one of the following three:
Lose Weight
Start going to the gym
Find the love of your life
If you smoke probably one of your resolutions is give up smoking.
If you are reading this blog probably one of your resolutions is to improve some language.
Other not so common objectives are:
Quit my job and start being my own boss
I want to show myself to other people as I really am
There are three basic rules that our goals must meet. First of all we must consider that our goal must be positive; instead of focussing on what we want to avoid, we should focus on what we really want to achieve. I’ll give you an example; when you are in a city you don’t know, you call a taxi, and you tell the cabbie where you want to go, not where you don’t want to go. If you told the cabbie where you didn’t want to go it would leave open the possibility for the driver to take you where he would want to go. In the same way in our lives we must choose things we want and set positive goals. Unfortunately we often set ourselves negative goals:
I no longer want to smoke
I do not want to be with this person
I no longer want to get angry so often
I do not want to be so fat
And so many things we don’t want .
Instead of saying that you want to lose weight or you don’t want to be so fat, why don’t you fill your pantry with much healthier food? Why don’t you go to the nutritionist once a week? Why don’t you do physical activity that allows you to burn more calories? We also understand that to lose weight is about changing your lifestyle and not dieting for only two or three months.
The second rule is we must ensure that our goals can be initiated by us, and that they don’t depend on other people. Some false goals are:
I want my partner to love me more
I want my boss to give me a raise
I don’t want my classmates to mistreat me anymore.
The third basic rule is not to accumulate a lot of goals, we must focus on one or two goals maximum. This is not to disperse our energy and not to generate frustration. It is important to choose your goal properly; if you choose the right goal everything else will be realized in addition to it.
Once you’ve chosen your goal you have to turn your resolution into a habit. Man is a creature of habit. If we take things as an obligation we will not do them. You have to start with the easiest way to achieve your goal gradually. To create a habit you have to choose a moment or daily situation if your goal is to study something or to exercise. You may consider a goal of 30 days, and once you have achieved it you may want to continue with your goal. A month is enough time to develop a habit, after that it will be easier to continue with it. It is important to set measurable goals so that you can check that you’re reaching your goals. It can help you explain your goals to your family and friends, this may encourage you.
Another important thing is to dare to fulfill your wishes. Many of us know what we want to do, which is what we want but we just do not dare to do it. Sure you know people who know what they have to say to their partner to take the relationship to the next level but just don’t dare to do it. There are many people who have everything necessary to start their own business but they just don’t dare to do it. Nobody assures you that you won’t make mistakes, but making mistakes is a sign you’re trying new things. I invite you to dare to fulfill your dreams in 2013, to dare to achieve the goals that are important to you. I wish that you will dare to achieve your New Year’s goal, whatever it may be.. I wish that all of you will fulfill your New Year’s goals.

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