how different cities around the world celebrate the new year.


How different cities around the world celebrate the new year.


How different cities around the world celebrate the new year.


New York


New Year’s Eve in New York is one of the most famous celebrations in the world. One million people gather in Time Square to watch the famous crystal ball drop to mark the entry into a new year. In this famous square there are musical performances, fireworks, balloons, confetti, etc. on this special night. During December, hundreds of thousands of people write their wishes for the new year on small pieces of paper which are then hung on a giant wall. These little papers will be thrown like confetti from the top of Time Square to receive the new year. On the streets many couples engage in the rite of kissing passionately.




While in the North Pole it is winter, in the South Pole it is summer and vice versa. In Australia it is summer in January. Many Australians go to the beach to celebrate the new year. People in Sydney celebrate the new year by making a lot of noise, blowing their car horns, ringing the church bells, blowing whistles of all kinds, etc. There are spectacular fireworks too.


Hong Kong


In China this celebration depends on the lunar cycle, the Chinese New Year begins between January 21 and February 20. The new year celebration can last two weeks. There are many fireworks because the Chinese believe that fireworks ward off evil spirits and attract good luck in the new year.




The inhabitants of the British capital gather in the most emblematic places of the city (Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Big Ben, etc.) and join hands to sing the ancient mythical song “Auld Lang Syne” which is a traditional Scottish song to say goodbye to the year that is ending. There are spectacular fireworks above the River Thames. In London there are many pubs and discos to celebrate the new year until the wee hours of the morning.




This Egipican city receives many tourists who want to celebrate the new year there. Cairo inhabitants generally have dinner with the family to celebrate the new year, women wear colorful clothes and children eat chocolates.




For the Japanese, the new year celebration is one of the most important parties of the year. They celebrate with the family and the party lasts several days. The Japanese celebrate parties called “bonenkay” to abandon all the problems and worries and to receive the future with optimism. The dawn of the first day of the year is viewed with special respect because it is like a symbol of the new year, the rest of the day they live quietly without worries.


Rio de Janeiro


In Brazil it is summer at the end of the year. People go to the beach and throw into the sea millions of small floating candles to worship the Water Goddess called “Lemanjá”. It is quite a spectacle to observe the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema full of candles and the fireworks above the sea.




The citizens of Rome generally eat lentils on December 31 to recieve the new year with good luck. Another typical Italian tradition is to give women red lingerie as this supposedly attracts good luck for the new year. Thousands of people gather at the “Piazza del Poppolo” , where there is classical music, rock, dance music, etc. In the same square there are performances by jugglers and acrobats to delight children.




The French celebrate the new year with some cava, drinking white wine and mulled wine.There are fireworks that all the people at the Champs Elysees can see. On New Year’s Eve people are lighting firecrackers and opening the “papillottes” which are bombons that make a small explosion when they are opened.





In Madrid people eat twelve grapes while the 12 bells sound at midnight in the clock tower located in a square called “la plaza del sol”. The citzens of all the cities and towns of Spain do this because they think it can give them good luck. This tradition started in the nineteenth century, wealthy families ate grapes and drank champagne on New Year’s Eve during dinner, this tradition became popular in 1909 when there was an overproduction of grapes and the farmers gave impetus to this custom that spread from Madrid to the whole country. There are many Latin American countries such as Mexico, Venezuela and Argentina that now celebrate the new year by eating twelve grapes. Other traditions to attract good luck are to wear red underwear and to toast with cava with a ring inside the glass.


How do you celebrate the new year in your city? You can post a comment to explain it.
There are different traditions but the aim is always the same; to have a good time with family and friends and to wish good luck and happines for the new year. Happy New Year to everyone.

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