about wizardry


about Wizardry


A few minutes ago I completed listening to a brief summary of the first Harry Potter book on LingQ.
It was a very interesting lecture indeed… but I was enticed by those words to ask myself about the real meaning of Wizardry. The first question concerns Wizardry itself. I mean that, above all, we do need a definition. According to the Oxford online dictionary Wizardry is the “art or practice of magic”. This definition brings us to question what Magic is or might be…The same Dictionary tells us that Magic is “the power of apparently influencing events by using mysterious or supernatural forces”.
As the starting point of this definition we could take off on a journey to investigate the Supernatural.
At this point a scholar, whatever field he was expert in, certainly would tell you that the Supernatural doesn’t exist and, of course, it’s worthless to spend time and efforts to study something that is totally imaginary.
I would agree with this idea unless I knew that in the 19th century people believed that those men and women who tried to fly on a winged vehicle were completely crazy.
What if the Supernatural not only was real but very much so?
I mean that what we call Supernatural might be an alternative name for our ignorance. At the end of the day all the supreme scientists of the past century couldn’t believe in Quantum Theory.
If they had seen what modern scientists can see during their daily experiments using, for example, the Large Hadron Collider they too would believe that Supernatural may indeed be real!

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