using the import bookmarklet

The Import Bookmarklet is a cool little tool here at LingQ that was added a couple of years ago. It’s great for allowing you to quickly and easily import private lessons from other sites on the web.

During some recent webinars, we found that quite a few members didn’t know how to use the Import Bookmarklet, so hopefully this post helps explain it in much better detail! Just follow these three easy steps and you’ll be ready to go:

(1) Drag the Import Bookmarklet to your Bookmarks bar.


(2) Go to another site and highlight the text you want to study.



(3) Click the Import Bookmarklet and select the appropriate language.



After clicking “Import”, the page will automatically refresh and you’ll be able to study the text on LingQ, saving words and seeing your highlighted LingQs.


That’s it, it’s that easy! Try importing your first lesson today. We’re sure you’ll love it!

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3 thoughts on “Using the Import Bookmarklet

  1. Afi

    This is greaat job to help people to teach lanuage is good for you action, and the time to spent for people to save darkness to light,realy you are well done.i hope to contue intill you produce well educated person who can do the job you do can replace you.


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