lingq “friends 2.0” contest – record yourself and win!


In LingQ 2.0, we totally redesigned the Friends page. Now, it’s easier than ever to connect and share with other members (See key features below). To encourage you to explore and start using the new tools in the Friends section we are having a contest!

All you have to do is post a video or audio file of yourself speaking your new language on the LingQ Support wall. The post that receives the most roses by December 15 will win a first prize of 5000 points, while the second place entry gets 2500 points and third place will receive 1000 points. Be creative and get the word out to your friends about your post!


Friends 2.0

Activity Feed

LingQ 2.0 features a new and fully customizable Activity Feed.

On the Activity Feed, you will see several different types of activities including posts, Known Words milestones, shared lessons and more. You can also control what type(s) of content shows by using the filters on the left.




Post Videos, Audiofiles, Links and Images

When posting on a wall, you have a variety of options for embedding external media in your posts.

You can quickly post images, videos, audiofiles and links to external pages. Now everything from sharing interesting content to showing your learning progress can be done straight from the Friends page.




Privacy Settings

We understand that privacy is very important to some of our users, and that’s why we’ve added a privacy setting with each post.

To communicate privately with a friend or fellow learner, switch the setting to Private when posting on their wall.

If you want to post something to your Activity Feed but only want people you’re following to see it, just select the Friends setting.


Follow LingQ members on their language learning journey.

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